Hi SAndroidEans!

This time we want to introduce you the new SAndroidE beta 0.4, a new step ahead in the SAndroidE evolution. As you can see in the release notes on GitHub, in addition to some code-cleaning and bug-fixing, there are a lot of new features regarding, mainly, the BLE Beacon support.

The beta 0.4 adds the support for the Estimote Stickers which brings additional data into the beacon object. This new Beacon, broadcasting the Estimote Nearables Protocol, allows the transmission of a new set of data like:

  • orientation in space
  • motion in X, Y, Z
  • temperature
  • broadcasting power (used to calculate proximity)
  • battery level

If you add to the new capabilities the smaller form factor many new applications are possible. You don’t need the new data but you want to exploit the smaller form factor? Don’t worry, you can program the Stickers to broadcast both iBeacon or Eddystone-Url if needed.

Estimote Stickers

Alongside the integration of the new device we revisited the Beacon management system to make it more usable. Beacon Clusters have been renamed as TagsDo you need to group Beacons for some reasons? You no more need to design static Beacon Clusters in complex structures, tag them in a smart way and keep programming! One beacon can have one or more Tags as different beacons can share the same Tag to cover any needs.

In addition the Beacon_app has been deprecated as all of its functionalities have been moved into the new BeaconTagActivity, which is entirely generated by Java code (not xml layout fields), ready to use into your application. Moreover we deprecate all the XML definition for Beacons parser with a new, lightweight BeaconMsgBase Class which include all the information needed directly in Java. To help Users to easily identify which is the transmitting Beacon and which protocol it is transmitting different icons, range meters and inactivity seconds have been added to the detected beacons list inside the BeaconTagActivity.

Are you looking for other improvements or more technical details of the new SAndroidE beta 0.4? Check the changing log on Github (link) or contact us.

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