Sensors for Android Embedded

A free framework allowing external devices to be easily managed in Android

Multivendor complex systems

One easy interface

Virtualize external sensors/actuators to be available and managed in Android environment as if they were embedded resources. Use the same functions and callbacks usually employed to handle embedded sensors (e.g., accelerometer) and actuators (e.g., vibrating alert) to operate external resources in your Android App.

Flexibility has a new Description

Use Sandroide and add an XML description to teach the system how to manage further new devices. Integrating a new protocol or new device capabilities has become as easy as to describe it

Only one App to configure them all.

Use the provided BLEFlasher app to detect the capabilities of the external devices or use it to flash the needed firmware on the peripheral.

Easily implement Apps with external sensors/actuators without a deep knowledge of the remote nodes and without handling communication tasks. Develop App at higher speed addressing remote resources as if they were embedded. Purchase a SAndroidE-compliant remote node and easily set up a sensor/actuator system simply installing an appropriate App. The use of a PC has become optional…
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HW&FW Developers

Let the Developers easily share their creations to App Developers, just by a well-defined description file.

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App Developers

Let the Developers easily handle in their projects external resources without worrying about the communication level or the
HW composition.

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End Users

Let the users purchase SAndroidE-compliant remote nodes, install appropriate Apps and easily set up a sensor/actuator system, without using a PC.

Supported Hardware:

At the moment, the library (beta version), the BLEEmebeddedFlasher and the BeaconConfig Apps are available on this website for free download. All of them are in a prototypal stage, since support is limited to BLE communication technology and a limited number of devices as:

For each supported device, SAndroidE framework provides one XML file descriptor and optionally, where needed, one compatible firmware to be uploaded(o flashed) on the device itself. Easy beacons support is delivered thanks to the integrationAltBeacon Android library library, developed by Radius Networks.

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